Spinal Therapy – these are some of the names by which this method is known. This website aims to give you a general overview of and information about the Dorn Method, and its foundations and principles.

Spinal Therapy is a gentle mobilisation of dysfunctional vertebrae and joints. It is a gentle therapy of the spine and all joints for humans and animals. This method is an easy to learn therapy.

This has its advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, this enabled the quick dissemination of a successful method for the use of many people and patients. On the other hand, therapists are able to use the name of the method despite not actually having learned it. An interested person must therefore inform themselves as to the trustworthiness of the Spinal therapist or consultant.

The method consists of three parts:

  • The therapy itself and treatment techniques
  • The self-treatment exercises carried out by patients
  • Holistic understanding and theory of the possible interplay of different ailments

If a therapist wishes to put the Spinal cord alignment Method into full practice, it must consist of the application of all three areas.The overall structure of the method can be further divided into two fields of application: that of the therapist, and that of the layperson or patient.Medical professionals have a holistic therapy for daily clinical use at their disposal. Ever more doctors, naturopaths, physiotherapists, ergo-therapists, occupational therapists, midwives and medical massage therapists use this method in their practices.
Laypersons and therapists, in terms of helping people to help themselves, have self-treatment exercises, prophylaxis, and the holistic principles to understand their ailments.

In Germany there are already various mixtures with other therapies, from which uncertainties about exactly which techniques do or do not belong to the spinal Method arise. In the medical field, on the one hand, the name of the method is applied to uses with which it has absolutely nothing to do (e.g. it is asserted that chiropractic is similar). There are also therapists who add their own names to spinal, and so on. In the lay field, on the other hand, there is the development of made-up names in order to fake expertise and even to treat and present a differential diagnosis. The Spinal cord alignment Method is, in parts, still offered at horrendous prices as a “wellness” treatment and “wellness massage training”.

These “movements” cannot be referred to in the original sense of Spinal cord alignment Method. This method and therapy has a clearly definable and unique character. It discerned and practiced it over very many years.
Many medical therapists mix different therapies and techniques in their own ways, and this is a good thing. Every therapist thus has their own style of treatment and overall approach. This is explained to the patient before therapy, so that active patients can make informed choices.In the following discussion the foundations, method description, seminar content and treatment procedure are presented for medical massage therapists, ergo-therapists, occupational therapists, midwives, physiotherapists, naturopaths, doctors and interested patients.

The benefits of Spinal cord Alignment Therapy include:-

  • Safe, gentle and risk-free treatment, with no or minimal pain threshold required
  • Low repetition treatments – average required is 3-4 treatments, depending how chronic the problem is
  • Prevention – correcting undertaken before they cause pain and potentially bigger problems
  • Whole body treatment – treating the spine, pelvis and joints
  • Self help – a simple set of daily exercises will be demonstrated to enable you to keep your spine and pelvis aligned