Principle of Acupressure
The main tenet of acupressure is, every organ (element) in the human body is directly related to specific points of your palm and sole. The type of relation of these points and organs has not been found yet, but it is known that there is a reciprocal transfer of energy between the points and the elements.

Certain points of your palm and sole represent certain organs in the system. By applying pressure on these points the energy flow can be directed to the related element. Pressure cannot be applied haphazardly. There is a certain way of doing it. With the help of pressure the efficiency of the related element can be increased and that organ can be made disease free. How exactly does this technique work, no one has been able to find out yet; but it sure does work and there is no second thought about it.

Dr. Fitzgerald, the Founding Father of Zone Therapy, says that the ends of arteries in palm and sole get hidden due to some factors blocking free travel of the electro-magnetic waves inside our body. The pressure applied on those points allows the free movement and makes us healthy. Every organ’s respective point is present on both the palm and sole, but still the experts recommend and give more importance to the points located on the sole for the treatment of the disease.

Acupressure – Method, Tool and Time:

We can follow two different approaches for applying pressure. They are:

  • Constant Pressure: In this approach, a related point is continuously pressurized, slowly increasing the applied pressure. This can be continued for 4-5 minutes.
  • Intermittent Pressure: In this approach, we apply pressure on a related point for about 20 seconds at regular intervals of 10 seconds. This is done for 4-5 minutes iteratively for about 10 minutes.
  • Generally, the pressure on the points is applied by the tip of the thumb. But we can also use some tools for applying equal pressure on all the points. The tools that are available are hand roller, back roller, acupressure mats and seats and many more. It is recommended that all the points must be pressed for 5 minutes on both hands and feet for good and early results.

Benefits of Acupressure Points:

  • Preventive: By pressing all the points on your hands and feet regularly helps maintain good health and also prevents your body to catch diseases.
  • Early Diagnosis: If any element of your body shows sign of failure, its related point turns soft. So by applying pressure on that point the disease can be diagnosed early before it becomes a major threat.
  • Deterrence of Diseases: By methodically and regularly applying pressure on the points, the lost health can be regained.