Siddha is a South Indian medicine system that still remains a mystery. Present since the beginning of mankind’s history, this system is not unfathomable, but it is the lack of highly professional people, who could carry its legacy to the modern world, which has kept it within certain boundaries in India.

What is Siddha?

The Siddha medicine system is the oldest medicine system that was discovered in South India as part of the trio Ayurveda, Unani and Siddha. It works on principles similar to Ayurveda. According the ancient texts, human body is a microscopic component of the universe, and is made up of similar elements, which include, earth, water, fire, air and space. Along with this there are three humors- the vatha, pitta and kapha. Whenever there is disequilibrium in the three humors individual harmony is disturbed and to restore the balance of body and mind, we use the application of Siddha medicine system.

The practitioners of Siddha medicine system are known as Siddhas. They attain physical as well as spiritual excellence in order to treat people. Most practitioners you meet are not categorically Siddhas, but normal practitioners, who apply the principles of the Siddha medicine system to cure people.

Disease cured by the Siddha Medicine system
Siddha System of medicine offers effective cure for ailments like cough, cold and fever. Besides this, it is also used for treating diseases of the urinary tract, skin diseases, joint pains, piles, rheumatic problems, peptic ulcers and many others.

Health benefits of Siddha Medicine System

Just like Ayurveda, Siddha is not just a medicine system, but a way of life. The emphasis is not just on curing definitive disease reactions, but rather on restoring the overall balance of the body. This is the reason why before prescribing a treatment, a Shidda practitioner diagnosis seven elements of the human body- Tongue, Color, Voice, Eyes, Stool, Touch, and Urine.
The main health benefits derived from the Siddha treatments are:

  • All medications used for treating various diseases or for restoring the balance of the body are made of natural herbs and plants.
  • Unlike homeopathy or other alternate medicines systems, you can continue with other allopathic medicines side by side.
  • Siddha medicines are not just curative, but preventive in nature. Therefore, besides people suffering from chronic ailments, others too can use it for remaining healthy.
  • Minor doses of Siddha Medicines are highly effective in curing diseases and reduce the suffering time of a patient.
  • All Siddha Medicines are natural and have no side effects.
  • All treatments are individualized and every person is tested on all eight parameters mentioned above before prescribing medicine.
  • The treatment is cost-effective and hence more affordable.