Biochemic therapy is also known as ‘Tissue Salt Therapy’. The essence of a healthy life is to balance, regulate and restore the cells of the body naturally to promote self healing. Mineral Tissue Salts are the ‘Vital, essential mineral’ building blocks of the body. They promote and enhance optimum assimilation and utilization of nutrients consumed in our daily diet

What are Tissue Salts?
Tissue Salts are inorganic mineral substances, exactly the same as those that compose our earth and its soils.In 1873 Dr Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler, a German physician observed that disease did not occur when cell metabolism was normal or cell nutrition was adequate. Dr Schuessler discovered that by analysing the remains of human blood and ashes after death, and isolating minerals from these various tissues, found by samples he discovered that these mineral salts were are vital part of the body. He named these 12 mineral compounds, tissue salts.The human body contains these twelve vital inorganic elements, which occur naturally in the body that are responsible for maintenance of normal cell function.

The biochemical therapy uses the 12 Dr. Schuessler Salts to normalise cell health, redress an imbalance and stimulate the immune system response of the body. The health of the human body depends upon the health of each of its cell, its metabolic processes within the cells.

When one or more of these elements become deficient the normal cell function or metabolism is disturbed. This is known as disease.

When certain mineral constituents – Mineral Tissue Salts – were deficient, the ability of the cells to assimilate, to excrete and use nutrition was upset. Cell nutrition and cell metabolism could be returned to normal by supplying the right Mineral Tissue Salt in a low potency (usually 6x) Homoeopathic form.

Biochemical therapy using the 12 Dr. Schussler Salts will help the body’s cell regain the right balance with no risk or side effects as these mineral tissue salts are already constituents of the body.
Dr Schuessler Salts improve the absorption of lacking minerals from ingested food by stimulating the human body to reorganize their distribution within the body’s tissues.

Vitamins are often useless without the presence of minerals necessary for assimilation.Tissue salts are chemically pure salts homogenous to the cell minerals in the human body; they are physiologically and chemically in close relation to them. Dr Schuessler mineral Salts harmonise and regulate the chemical processes in the cells. They are prepared in a way that make them easily available for all cells of the body, beneficial when minerals are missing from the diet or not being assimilated efficiently.

Biochemical therapy is a preventative, complementary therapy excellent for all stages of development and all ages including preconception, pregnancy and birth, muscle cramps (dysmenorrhea), spasms, and pains during pre labour and early labour.

Tissue salts also give benefit and relief to conditions as stress, irritability, tension and depression.
Tissue salts can also be combined in combination with each other for increased effectiveness.Every home will benefit from Dr Schuessler’s 12 Tissue Salts, as they homoeopathically prepared, micro-dose of the body’s 12 essential minerals, safe and economical for the whole family.They are the building blocks of the body! Dr Schuessler’s 12 Salts bridge the gap, by ensuring nutrients obtained by our daily diet are effectively directed into the body’s cells, restoring the natural balance of the body.

Dr Schuessler’s Tissue Salts cannot become toxic in the body due to overdose as they merely replace what is deficient,’ the body will expel any excess.We use ‘DHU Dr. Schuessler salts at our clinic, they are made in Germany to the highest quality. Please note their numbering system may be different from other brands so always check the label, not the number.